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Chinese Journal of Interventional Cardiology

ISSN 1004-8812 
Organizer: bei jing da xue  
Publisher: zhong guo jie ru xin zang bing xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Chinese Journal of Interventional Cardiology" Founded in 1993, is the first of this to the main content of interventional cardiovascular medicine journals. After a decade of efforts, has developed the field of cardiovascular intervention authoritative national journals, Finalist 1998 Source Journals of Chinese scientific papers, impact factor has increased annually, the majority of cardiovascular professionals, particularly in interventional cardiology Studies of clinical and basic research staff welcome.辟有 treatise is, basic and experimental research, review, case reports, lectures, new technology introduction, review, meeting minutes and other columns are published content reflects the field of cardiovascular interventional highest academic level, international research trends and domestic development direction. Magazine Editorial Committee brings together many well-known domestic bring together the academic experts, under the guidance of "Chinese Journal of Interventional Cardiology" Our response to booming discipline of interventional cardiology needs, and continuing to strengthen the power journal, journal quality has been improvement has become the field of interventional diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, promote and standardize the technology and the main channel for a good platform for international academic exchanges. (Translated by machine.)