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China Well and Rock Salt

ISSN 1001-0335 
Organizer: quan guo jing kuang yan gong ye xin xi zhong xin zhong guo yan ye xie hui  
Publisher: zhong guo jing kuang yan bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the State Press and Publication Administration approved the Ministry of Science and published by the National Information Center of mineral salt and the Chinese Salt Industry Association, founded in 1970. Mainly reported salt monopoly, mineral salt solution mining of rock salt drilling, vacuum evaporation salt, salt, chemicals and utilization, marketing and other aspects of the new salt results, production experience and other economic, scientific and technological information. Mainly in the salt industry for technology, management, production workers, college teachers and students, we welcome contributors. The journal is bi-monthly, self-management issue, Write now the order is sent. Undertake all types of advertising services, price concessions, equipment manufacturers are welcome to advertise salt. (Translated by machine.)