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Chinese Journal of Laser Medicine & Surgery

ISSN 1003-9430 
Organizer: zhong guo guang xue xue hui  
Publisher: zhong guo ji guang yi xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1992, is a director of China Association for Science and Technology Association, organized by the Chinese Optical Society, hosted by the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Scientific Paper Source Journals. Reputation in the domestic medicine. On the main columns, reported in the medical field of laser research and clinical trials based on the latest research results; comprehensive, review the latest international medical laser research progress, in addition to short reports, summary translation of foreign journals, newsletters and other columns. The development of a large number of laser medical journal of basic research and applied research subjects in clinical papers, to promote the application of laser in medicine and improve the level of laser medical research has played a positive role as a national park and the exchange of laser medical academic, foreign exchange window and continuing education base. (Translated by machine.)