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China Ocean Engineering

ISSN 0890-5487 
Organizer: zhong guo hai yang xue hui  
Publisher: zhong guo hai yang gong cheng bian ji bu  
Description: China Ocean Engineering (referred to as COE) is the director of Science and Technology Association of China, organized by Chinese Society of Oceanography, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute edited the English version of a comprehensive, high-tech Research Quarterly (ISSN ISSN 0890 - 5487, CN32 - 1441 / P), Founded in 1987, each 180 ± 6 pages. International price: $ 360 / roll, the domestic price: 800 yuan / volume. COE purpose of the magazine: Introduction to the foreign country and marine engineering-related research, design, testing, production, use, management, and academic results of the dynamic, expand outreach and communication to demonstrate our level of research. Main published: offshore engineering, marine engineering, marine energy, marine environmental protection engineering, underwater engineering, diving techniques, rescue techniques and other aspects of the manuscript. Manuscript Form: academic, research presentations, comprehensive reviews, surveys, results introductions. 26 COE member of the editorial board, editorial board of honorary director Professor Yan Kai (academicians), Editorial Director, Professor Qiu Dahong (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and 11 academicians, six overseas scholars and domestic maritime 7 engineering professors and experts, known as the IPCC, the magazine were published in the paper first published in the scientific and technical papers at home and abroad, not "Ocean Engineering" (Chinese Version) translations. 20 years, COE has posted the domestic universities, research institutions and engineering units of academicians and experts and professors of the paper; also published a number of Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Turkey and other countries and Hong Kong and Taiwan well-known scholars paper; some Chinese scholars in Europe and America, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries in collaboration research scholars. The past five years, COE has published nearly 80% of papers funded by various, nearly 20% of the international or international collaboration, COE funds and international papers than papers than, are among the more than 5,300 domestic forefront of academic journals . COE by the China Association for Science, National Science Foundation in 1999 by the National Natural Science foundation, high-tech academic journal Science Foundation; by the China Association for 2002,2003,2004 and 2005 high-tech academic journal Science Foundation; 2002, the Chinese Association for Science Editorial Department of the Year special equipment focus on Fund; won the 2007 ~ 2008 by the National Natural Science Foundation Fund of academic journals. COE has been included in the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Statistic core source journals by the U.S. "Science Citation Index" (SCI-E); United States, "Engineering Index" (EI Compendex); Russia "Digest Magazine" (PЖ, AJ) ; Japan's "scientific and technical literature quick report" (CBST); United States, "Cambridge Scientific Abstracts" (CSA); United States, "Applied Mechanics Reviews" (AMR); the U.S. "oil Digest" (PA); other domestic and foreign authorities search the database 18 included in the SCI-JCR published from 2001 to 2006, the theme of international marine engineering discipline impact factor indicators, COE are similar publications of the international ranking the top ten (which ranked seventh in 2003, ranking eighth in the year 2005,2006 .) COE in the international marine engineering already has a reputation, and our marine engineering experts, scholars in international counterparts in a study to show their strength and level, to improve and expand their reputation in the international academic field and impact platform. COE is also China, China Association for Science and Technology in Jiangsu Province in academic journals, one of the few sectors in international journals influential scientific journals. COE as a very important domestic and international academic circles of the industry communication and exchange platform for the country to explore the field of marine science train a large number of outstanding scientists, such as: academicians; State disciplines 评议组成员; Changjiang Scholars; national and provincial level key laboratory director; Chief Scientist; national research project leader; hundreds of professors, doctoral, and a large number of doctoral, post-doctoral; also some experts and scholars of the Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award, the national and provincial scientific and technological progress awards, major national fund National Outstanding Youth Fund and the National Fund winners. In recent years, the editorial collective and the individual results achieved by the higher authorities for approval and recognition, specific performance: two papers were eligible, won the second (2004), fourth (2006) CAST Excellent Academic Award; COE into the first and second phalanx of Jiangsu Journal; associate editor and editorial director of Tangren Nan Wu Yongning has been outstanding in China Science and Technology Journal Editor Award - Golden Bull Award; Wu Yongning by the China Youth Science and Technology Journal Editor Award - Horse Award and Jiangsu Province Institute of Scientific Journal Editors - Golden Horse Awards; Editor Yang of Jiangsu Province Institute of Science and Technology Editors honorary title of editorial excellence; Wu Yongning by the Chinese Society of Oceanography honor outstanding members, Wu Yongning journals by Chinese Society of Oceanography Committee and Editorial Institute of Science and Technology appointed as members of the Academic Committee, was elected director of Jiangsu Provincial Association Journal, Jiangsu Province Institute of Science and Technology Editors executive director. Welcome home marine engineering friends were eager contributor to the magazine. We have a high level, especially in an original research paper; on the settlement of international peer difficulties and hot issues of concern to the paper; for international cooperation projects funded by various domestic and international research projects and funding of major projects completed thesis very interested in the arrangements of these papers will be published first. (Translated by machine.)