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China Offshore Oil and Gas(Geology)

ISSN 1001-9308 
Organizer: zhong hai shi you yan jiu zhong xin  
Publisher: zhong guo hai shang you qi di zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "China Offshore Oil and Gas (Geology)" Founded in 1987, by the director of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, CNOOC Research Centre, is a domestic public offering of journals. Publication for the international oil industry, offshore oil contains not only the geological, geophysical exploration, oil testing, oil and gas field development, oil and gas exploration and development of new technologies and new methods, the research and academic papers, reports of new offshore oil and gas exploration and development trends and new developments are also posted on offshore oil exploration and development of a reference value of academic theory, applications and other areas of the latest scientific research. (Translated by machine.)