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Journal of Chinese Nursing Management

ISSN 1672-1756 
Organizer: wei sheng bu yi yuan guan li yan jiu suo  
Publisher: wei sheng bu yi yuan guan li yan jiu suo zhong guo hu li guan li bian ji bu  
Description: Publication director of the PRC Ministry of Health, sponsored by the Institute of Hospital Management, "Chinese Nursing Management" edited by the Ministry of Health Care Centre, Institute of Hospital Management published by the Press and Publications Administration approval, a formal public offering Nursing class of integrated science and technology journals, ISSN ISSN1672-1756, CN11-4979 / R magazine to promote the reporting of health policies, promoting care reform, exchange, promotion of scientific methods and advanced nursing management experience, tracking the development of nursing management at home and abroad trends, multi-angle delivery of nursing management information to improve the management level for the purpose of nursing. (Translated by machine.)