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Environmental Monitoring in China

ISSN 1002-6002 
Organizer: zhong guo huan jing jian ce zong zhan  
Publisher: zhong guo huan jing jian ce bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is the only field of environmental monitoring in China a central journal, domestic and foreign public offering. Magazine has consistently adhered to academic, professional and practical journal of combining the principle of universal access to promote the work of the General Administration of environmental monitoring instructions. Comprehensive description of domestic and foreign advanced environmental monitoring technology, extensive exchange of environmental monitoring for the purpose of the magazine research. So that the "Environmental Monitoring" in the field of environmental monitoring within the readers attention, recognition and welcome. The materials contained in the article has a certain orientation, purposeful, practical and authoritative, which reflects the "China Environmental Monitoring," Journal of Reflections. "Environmental Monitoring" magazine has a stable readership. National environmental monitoring industries including more than 4,000 environment monitoring stations, nearly 100,000 people as well as environmental monitoring technology research institutions, ministries and corporate environmental monitoring stations, laboratories and institutions of science and technology personnel. (Translated by machine.)