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Chinese Journal of Bone Tumor and Bone Disease

ISSN 1671-1971 
Organizer: zhong guo yi shi xie hui  
Publisher: zhong guo gu zhong liu gu bing bian ji bu  
Description: "China's Bone Tumor and Bone Disease," Journal of Basic Information, "Journal of Bone Tumor and Bone Disease" as the head of the Ministry of Health, China Medical Association and the Beijing Institute of bone tumors Bo Peng, organized the First Affiliated Hospital of PLA General Hospital (formerly 304 Hospital) Bone Tumor and Bone Disease Medicine hosted by Academic Journals. The majority of orthopedic physicians and related professional clinical and basic research workers, teachers and students in medical colleges as the main audience. Bone tumor bone disease reported clinical experience and leading research and clinical bone disease of bone tumors are closely related guidance and basic research and results. Articles implement the theory and practice, popularization and improvement of clinical and basic approach closely reflects the Orthopaedics and Traumatology at home and abroad the work of significant progress in clinical research, and promote international academic exchanges bone tumor bone disease. Submission Content: bone tumors, osteoporosis, various bone and soft tissue disease diagnosis and treatment of practical experience and research of new progress, new theories, new technologies and basic research related to this manuscript. Publication through treatise, thematic, lectures, review progress, exchange of experiences, discussion of clinical pathology, comparative analysis on difficult cases, short reports, case reports and other forms, reports the latest academic trends at home and abroad. Brief introduction ZHONGGUO GUZHONGLIU GUBING The Journal of Bone Tumor and Disease of China is a medical periodical authorised by the Ministry of Health of the Peoples Republic of China. It is supported by the Chinese Medical Doctors Association and Beijing Pengbo Institute of Bone Tumor, and undertaken by the First Affliated Hospital of the General Hospital of the Peoples Liberation Army. The target readers are orthopedic doctors and surgeons, basic science researchers engaging in related areas, and the faculty and students in medical colleges. This journal acquaints readers with clinical working experience, advanced scientific achievements and relevant basic theories and findings which can provide guidance to clinical work on bone diseases. It integrates theory and practice, combines popularization and improvement, and unites clinical work and basic science. It also reports the significant progress made in clinical research on bone tumors and diseases at home and abroad, therefore promoting communication among doctors. Contributions are requested in the following fields: bone tumor, osteoporosis, diagnosis and treatment for bone and soft tissue disease of all kinds; new developments, theories and techniques concerning orthopedic and related basic research. This journal supplies information to readers through treatise, special topics, lectures, summaries, exchange of experience, discussion on clinical pathology, analysis of and comments on difficult cases, reports of cases etc. (Translated by machine.)