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Dairy Guide

ISSN 1008-7443 
Organizer: zhong hua quan guo gong xiao he zuo zong she xin xi zhong xin  
Publisher: zhong guo gong xiao shang qing bian ji bu  
Description: Publication based on dairy farming and dairy farming are two aspects of processing, respectively, editing issue, on the one hand for the dairy farming base to provide technical guidance to market information center for the dairy cattle breeding, feed additives, farm equipment, livestock breeding and milk enterprises set up between the base a bridge; the other hand, focus on dairy processing, ranging from dairy processing, product development, packaging, additives, dairy products technical reports, to marketing management, dairy processing enterprises and between enterprises related to set up an exchange of technical and information The bridge, to guide the development of the market for the purpose of professional papers and market developments, review articles in the form of a combination of its simple, practical and professional characteristics. (Translated by machine.)