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China Harbour Engineering

ISSN 1003-3688 
Organizer: zhong guo gang wan jian she ji tuan zong gong si  
Publisher: zhong guo gang wan jian she bian ji bu  
Description: Articles approved by the State Press and Publication Administration and Ministry of Science Founded in 1981, supervised by the Ministry of Communications, the organizers of China Harbour Engineering Company (Group) Corporation, the contractor unit of Institute of Tianjin Harbour Engineering. Has been continuously published magazine in 2005 140 of the Journal, a variety of supplements, the album more than 20 species, the information flow of more than million words. Readers surface has been extended to Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas; domestic inter ports, waterways, waterways and the port city of parties, the Water Resources Department, bridge engineering, industrial and civil construction sector and the tertiary institutions, the reader is also increasing. "China Harbor" will maintain its realistic, innovation and lively style, the publication from the content to further improve and perfect form, enthusiastically engaged in scientific research, investigation, design, construction, management and teaching colleagues Services for the harbor services building and technological progress. (Translated by machine.)