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China Powder Science and Technology

ISSN 1008-5548 
Organizer: zhong guo ke li xue hui ji nan da xue zhong guo fen ti gong ye xie hui ( chou ) 
Publisher: zhong guo fen ti ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: This publication describes the chemical engineering, metallurgy and materials engineering, mining and petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, atmospheric science, applied physics, applied chemistry, environmental protection and servants of the particles involved in the specific concepts, properties, phenomena, and with the powder on of each unit process, such as crushing, grading, blending, modification, granulation, drying, sintering. Bulk transport, storage, dust explosion, powder application, have also been a concern. The journal is also concerned about the same time and related materials, powder synthesis, aggregation, reaction activity and stability of research and testing. And focus on reporting on the particle (powder) system, structure and production equipment, knowledge and application status, and promote the area involved in the metallurgical, chemical, building materials, oil, coal, geology, medicine, food, textile, agriculture, meteorology , environmental protection, military and other industries based on different theories and techniques of research exchange. The magazine covers aerosol, fluidization, ultrafine particles (molecular level ~ 100nm), particle testing, particle preparation and surface treatment, and other academic and technical fields. (Translated by machine.)