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Earthquake Research in China

ISSN 0891-4176 
Organizer: zhong guo di zhen ju  
Publisher: zhong guo di zhen yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: "China Earthquake Study (English)" (referred to as the ERC) is sponsored by the China Seismological Bureau, a comprehensive English academic journal, founded in 1987. Published at the end of each quarter.     China has 3,000 years of historical earthquake records, and has extensive experience in resisting the earthquake. In China, the earthquake wide geographical distribution, light source and intensity of large, making China the world's most severe earthquake damage suffered one of the countries. According to statistics, since 1949, about six times more than 300 earthquakes occurred in China. Of these, about 50 times more than magnitude 7 earthquake, causing heavy casualties and property losses. (Translated by machine.)