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Journal of Electronic Science and Technology

ISSN 1674-862X 
Organizer: university of electronic science and technology of china 
Publisher: the editorial board of journal of university of electronic science and technology of china 
Description: "Journal of Electronic Science and Technology of China" (abbreviation: JESTC, the translation of title, "China Electronics Technology", Issue: CN51-1658/TN) founded at the end of 2003. Publication director of the Ministry of Education, University of Electronic Science and Technology organized to reflect the field of electronic quarterly academic scientific research, mainly for overseas distribution. JESTC articles published in including communications systems and networks, signal processing, information and image processing, circuits and systems, microelectronics, electronic components and materials, computer science, microwave technology, physical electronics, optoelectronics, automation, e-government and e-commerce, and emerging electronic technology and other professionals. JESTC University of Electronic Science and Technology based on the field of electronics disciplines in the country's leadership, attracting a large number of excellent articles, articles have been published in three validation draft, has a high academic level and theoretical innovation. Also has a strong editorial team quality, so that editorial quality is guaranteed. JESTC prosperity at home and abroad in line with the purpose of academic exchange in the electronics field, based on domestic and foreign universities and research institutions to show the latest scientific and technological workers to provide excellent platform for scientific and technological achievements, and strive to accomplishing in the short term is well-known boutique Indexed Journals . Currently, the magazine has been the British IEE INSPEC, Articles, China Academic Journals Full-text databases such as CD-ROM included. (Translated by machine.)