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Chinese Classics & Culture

ISSN 1004-3241 
Organizer: quan guo gao deng yuan xiao gu ji zheng li yan jiu gong zuo wei yuan hui  
Publisher: zhong guo dian ji yu wen hua bian ji bu  
Description: Basic publication is divided into six pages, in which cultural forum board, the use of monographs, Essay on, essays, etc., in the traditional cultural perspective, the attention to reality and cultural hot spots, theoretical elaboration. New Exploration History Forum, published in-depth, thoughtful, and the writing of short textual smooth. World Literature Forum, focusing on micro-Jue Probing rare documents, the traditional literature to explore new ideas, the literature collection of anecdotal stories circulating. Cultural wide forum, ancient culture through specific things like subtle, multi-angle look at the traditional culture. Academic Chronicle pages, published in relevant academic mentors who exchanges, academic activities, learning experiences; the progress of important research topic, academic cutting-edge information; domestic research objective review. Overseas Sinology Forum, drawing on the experience of overseas Chinese studies and results, broaden research horizons. (Translated by machine.)