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Chinese Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics

ISSN 1008-8830 
Organizer: zhong nan da xue  
Publisher: zhong guo dang dai er ke za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Contemporary Pediatrics" Head of Department of Education, Central South University, organized a national professional journal Pediatrics, the National Science and Technology Articles from source journals, domestic and foreign public offering, bimonthly, every 15 bimonthly publication. International Issues ISSN 1008-8830, domestic ISSN CN43-1301 / R, Youfadaihao 42-188. Reflect the contemporary, the world is the purpose of publication. Contents of this publication to both pediatric clinical and basic research, reflecting the latest of Contemporary Pediatrics progress and latest developments. Publication of the English Piyou, Chinese on the (experimental research, clinical research, child health and difficult disease research), to discuss difficult cases, clinical experience, case reports, expert lectures, review, etc. section. Since publication starting point higher, academic quality, layout and printing quality are experts praise the quality of Deng Jun, founded only a year (2000), Ministry of Science and Technology to be included in the Chinese scientific papers Source Journals. By the Chinese Medical University, Fudan University, China as the domestic level, the core of journals and periodicals. December 2000 to participate in the first national "Chinese Academic Journal (CD) Retrieval and Evaluation Standards" appraised the implementation of activities, many come to the fore PARTICIPATING journals, won the Excellence Award. The journal is an international authority to retrieve bodies MEDLINE, "Chemical Abstracts (CA)", "Russian Digest (AJ)", Netherlands "EMBASE (EM)" included journals, is "Chinese Medicine Abstracts. Pediatrics" core journals cited at the same time by the Chinese Academic Journal (CD), Peking University Library, Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Documentation and Information Center classified as "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database" source journals, and was "China Journal," China Academic Journal (CD) and the "Articles - Journal Digital Network", "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database" text included. Core Journals of Science and Technology of China, Hunan Province-level journals. Journal of the National University in 2004 received excellent editing and publishing quality award competitions. This publication features are: (1) English informative. In addition to providing a full set of every issue with the Chinese directory corresponding to the English directory and more than 90% of the papers with English summaries, but also on the creation of the English section. After three trial are five English schools, its accuracy by the United States, Australia, Singapore and other foreign editor of examination and approval. (2) The reviewer quickly made short period, reference accuracy. Attitude of rigorous scientific journal publication, strict implementation of political, academic, editor of the standards, strengthen the good part, to build academic brand. Persistently and constantly communicate with the Editorial Board, or the Editorial Board recommended that the excellent papers and articles given to innovative fast-track treatment, first published. Opened the online submission and editorial online reviewers, shortening the publication cycle (typically releases about 6 months, 3 months Fast Track manuscript). (3) the establishment and opening of the Contemporary Pediatrics Web site (www.cjcp.org). Create a site is the only domestic counterparts, is also a feature of the publication. Now you can browse the latest online magazine content, free to read more. (4) to carry out with the author, the reader exchanges. Articles focus on communication and exchange of writers and readers. Often with readers, authors and telephone correspondence, E-mail contact, listen, improve our work, to learn the essence of Improving Quality. The name of the magazine organized many large, national academic conference and classes, Journal of the situation described at the meeting to expand the magazine's impact. (Translated by machine.)