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Chinese Museum

ISSN 1002-9648 
Organizer: zhong guo bo wu guan xue hui  
Publisher: zhong guo bo wu guan bian ji bu  
Description: "Chinese Museum" the museum world's leader of the China academic journals and has already gone through 20 years of development. "Chinese Museum" was the beginning of reform and opening up started in 1984, an academic quarterly, hosted by the Chinese Society of Museums, the National Palace Museum co. Initially named "Museum" in 1985 to the present title. 20 years, its commitment to the subject of museum construction in China, in the theory of museology, applied museology a positive and productive aspects of exploration, and promote China's development and expansion of museums and museology in China's growth, enhance the Chinese Museum the professional research level, to promote China Museology mature. Also, it pay attention to study and practice are closely related to academic issues, with some guidance on the practical significance, and keep the museum world of academic developments, the international counterparts to understand an important window for museum development in China. 20 years, "Chinese Museum" Museum community also play a nurturing academic talent, supports and encourages young descendants of the role. Outside the system not only unite the power to enrich the museum and university teaching and research to the editorial board of the team are growing, researchers have become museums for academic exchanges and communication important corner. (Translated by machine.)