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Journal of Political Science and Law

ISSN 1002-6274 
Organizer: shan dong sheng zheng fa guan li gan bu xue yuan  
Publisher: zheng fa lun cong bian ji bu  
Description: "LAW" was launched in April 1985, the same year the first issue published October 10, quarterly, internal circulation; October 1987 issue from within and abroad into a public offering; quarterly to bimonthly in 1995 by. "LAW" to the prosperity of socialist law, to promote academic exchanges, support personnel, for the three forms of civilization and college teaching and research services for the journal guidelines and aims to promote advocacy hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools contend the principle of academic research, adhere to the Law and academic-oriented, and strengthen the sense of quality, pursuit of high quality, the implementation of an open journal, and to spread and attract domestic and foreign outstanding legal achievements, and gradually formed its own characteristics journal, that law as a leader, pay attention to orientation, academic practical, open and innovative, and have achieved certain results, more and more legal theory and judicial practice, university students and community attention and love. (Translated by machine.)