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Journal of Diagnostics Concepts & Practice

ISSN 1671-2870 
Organizer: shang hai jiao tong da xue yi xue yuan  
Publisher: zhen duan xue li lun yu shi jian bian ji bu  
Description: Publication sponsored by the Shanghai Second Medical University, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital hosted "Theory and Practice of Diagnostics" magazine will be starting in March 2002 public offering. The journal is quarterly, CN :31-1876 / R, ISSN :1671-2870, 6, opened big industry, 64 pages, coated paper printing, 6.5 yuan per copy, each issue of 6500, this issue has a subject name of the famous the editorial team of experts to broaden the idea of evidence-based clinical trials for the purpose of diagnosis, involving testing, radiation, B-, pathology, endoscopy, EKG and clinical diagnostics. Each issue will focus around a system diseases introduced the latest technology and professional progress. With columns: Commentary, of the, clinical research, review and lectures, typical, difficult cases of analysis, education and information column in the garden. Welcome to the enthusiastic contributions or subscriptions. (Translated by machine.)