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Acta Automatica Sinica
2011 Issue 11
Component Pruning in Gaussian Mixture Implementation of Probability Hypothesis Density
YAN Xiao-Xi 1 HAN Chong-Zhao 1 1. Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Intelligent Networks and Network Security and State Key Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems Engineering; Institute of Integrated Automation; School of Electronic and Information Engineering; Xi an Jiaotong University; Xi an 710049
Saliency Variation Based Quality Assessment for Packet-loss-impaired Videos
FENG Xin 1 YANG Dan 2 ZHANG Ling 3 1. College of Computer Science and Engineering; Chongqing University of Technology; Chongqing 400050 2. School of Software Engineering; Chongqing University; Chongqing 400030 3. Chongqing Communication Institute; Chongqing 400035
Machine-driven Integrated Scheduling Algorithm with Rollback-preemptive
XIE Zhi-Qiang 1; 2 XIN Yu 1 YANG Jing 2 1. College of Computer Science and Technology; Harbin University of Science and Technology; Harbin 150080 2. College of Computer Science and Technology; Harbin Engineering University; Harbin 150001
An Norm 1 Regularization Term ELM Algorithm Based on Surrogate Function and Bayesian Framework
HAN Min 1 LI De-Cai 1 1. Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering; Dalian University of Technology; Dalian 116023
A Parallel Control Approach to Optimization of Information Security Management Measures
WANG Peng 1 CHEN Sen 1 1. School of Information System and Management; National University of Defense Technology; Changsha 410073
Image Re-ranking Based on Extraction of Semantic Regions
CHEN Zeng 1 HOU Jin 1 ZHANG Deng-Sheng 2 ZHANG Hua-Zhong 1 1. School of Information Science and Technology; Southwest Jiaotong University; Chengdu 610031; P. R. China 2. Gippsland School of Info Tech; Monash University; Churchill; Victoria 3842; Australia
A Fully Automatic Endoscopic Image Correction Method Using Harris Corner Detection
WANG Tian-Miao 1 WANG Jun-Chen 1 YANG Yan 1 HU Lei 1 SUN Lei 2 1. Robotics Institute; Beihang University; Beijing 100191 2. Beijing Jishuitan Hospital; Beijing 100035
A Geometrically Invariant Robust Image Watermarking Based on Deformable Multi-scale Transform
WANG Chun-Tao 1; 2 NI Jiang-Qun 1 ZHUO Hua-Shuo 1 HUANG Ji-Wu 1 1. School of Information Science and Technology; Sun Yatsen University; Guangzhou 510006 2. College of Informatics; South China Agricultural University; Guangzhou 510642
An Improved Algorithm for a Hybrid Flow-shop Problem in Graphics Processing
JIANG Yi-Wei 1 WEI Qi 2 1. Faculty of Science; Zhejiang Sci-Tech University; Hangzhou 310018 2. Ningbo Institute of Technology; Zhejiang University; Ningbo 315100
A Stability Criterion for Linear Fractional Order Systems in Frequency Domain
GAO Zhe 1 LIAO Xiao-Zhong 1 1. School of Automation; Beijing Institute of Technology; Beijing 100081
Robust Sliding Mode Positively Invariant Set for Nonlinear Continuous System
FU Jian 1 WU Qing-Xian 1 JIANG Chang-Sheng 1 WANG Yu-Fei 1 1. College of Automation; Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Nanjing 210016
Ensemble System of Double Granularity RNN by Linear Combination
ZHANG Liang 1 HUANG Shu-Guang 1 HU Rong-Gui 1 1. Electronic Engineering Institute; Hefei 230037
Strip Steel Surface Defect Recognition Based on Complex Network Characteristics
REN Hai-Peng 1 MA Zhan-Feng 1 1. Department of Information and Control Engineering; Xi an University of Technology; Xi an 710048
An Embedding Dimension Reduction Algorithm Based on Sparse Analysis
YAN De-Qin 1 LIU Sheng-Lan 1 LI Yan-Yan 1 1. College of Computer and Information Technology; Liaoning Normal University; Dalian 116029
Central Catadioptric Camera Calibration Based on Collinear Space Points
DUAN Fu-Qing 1 LV Ke 2 ZHOU Ming-Quan 1 1. College of Information Science and Technology; Beijing Normal University; Beijing 100875 2. College of Computing and Communication Engineering; Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100049
Dynamic Selection and Circulating Combination for Multiple Classifier Systems
HAO Hong-Wei 1 WANG Zhi-Bin 1 YIN Xu-Cheng 1 CHEN Zhi-Qiang 2 1. School of Computer and Communication Engineering; University of Science and Technology Beijing; Beijing 100083 2. Guangzhou Labour Security Information Center; Guangzhou 510635
Research Progress on Intelligent Optimization Guidance Approaches Using Knowledge
XING Li-Ning 1 CHEN Ying-Wu 1 1. Department of Management; College of Information System and Management; National University of Defense Technology; Changsha 410073