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Acta Automatica Sinica
2010 Issue 8
Feedback Control of Discrete Linear Switching Systems with Bounded State and Control Input in the Presence of Disturbances
FAN Guo-Wei 1 LIU Zhi-Yuan 1 CHEN Hong 2 1.Department of Control Science and Engineering;Harbin Institute of Technology;Harbin 150001;P.R.China 2.Department of Control Science and Engineering;Jilin University;Changchun 130025;P.R.China
Study on the Local Minima Problem of Path Planning Using Potential Field Method in Unknown Environments
ZHU Yi 1;2 ZHANG Tao 1;2 SONG Jing-Yan 1;2 1.Department of Automation;Tsinghua University;Beijing 100084 2.National Key Laboratory of Flight Vehicle Control Integrated Technology;Xi an 710000
Converse Lyapunov Theorem of Input-to-State Stability for Time-delay Systems
ZHU Qiao 1 HU Guang-Da 1 1.Department of Automation;Information Engineering School;University of Science and Technology Beijing;Beijing 100083;P.R.China
S-class Functions Based Adaptive Controller Design for a Class of Periodically Time-varying Nonlinear Systems
ZHU Sheng 1 SUN Ming-Xuan 1 HE Xiong-Xiong 1 1.Institute of Information and Control;College of Information Engineering;Zhejiang University of Technology;Hangzhou 310023
Application of Weighted Multiple Models Adaptive Controller in the Plate Cooling Process
DONG Zhi-Kun 1 WANG Xin 1 WANG Xiao-Bo 2 LI Shao-Yuan 3 ZHENG Yi-Hui 1 1.Center of Electrical and Electronic Technology;Shanghai Jiao Tong University;Shanghai 200240;P.R.China 2.Institute of Automation;Baoshan Iron and Steel Co.Ltd.;Shanghai 201900;P.R.China 3.Department of Automation;Shanghai Jiao Tong University;Shanghai 200240;P.R.China
Direct-adaptive Fuzzy Predictive Control of Satellite Attitude
SUN Guang 1 HUO Wei 1 1.The Seventh Research Division;Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics;Beijing 100191
Community Mining in Complex Networks—Clustering Combination Based Genetic Algorithm
HE Dong-Xiao1;2 ZHOU Xu1;2 WANG Zuo1;2 ZHOU Chun-Guang1;2 WANG Zhe1;2 JIN Di1;2 1.College of Computer Science and Technology;Jilin University;Changchun 130012 2.Key Laboratory of Symbolic Computation and Knowledge Engineering of Ministry of Education;Jilin University;Changchun 130012
Approximate Dynamic Programming Based Parameter Optimization of Particle Swarm Systems
KANG Qi1;2 WANG Lei1;2 AN Jing1;3 WU Qi-Di1;2 1.College of Electronics and Information Engineering;Tongji University;Shanghai 201804 2.Key Laboratory of Embedded System and Computer-service of Ministry of Education;Tongji University;Shanghai 201804 3.College of Mechanical and Automation Engineering;Shanghai Institute of Technology;Shanghai 200235
A Hybrid System Approach to Robust Fault Detection for a Class of Sampled-data Systems
QIU Ai-Bing1 WEN Cheng-Lin2 JIANG Bin1 1.College of Automation Engineering;Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics;Nanjing 210016;P.R.China 2.Institute of Information and Control;Hangzhou Dianzi University;Hangzhou 310018;P.R.China
Adaptive Compensation for Robust Tracking of Uncertain Dynamic Delay Systems
QUAN Quan1 YANG De-Dong1 CAI Kai-Yuan1 1.National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Holistic Control;School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering;Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics;Beijing 100191;P.R.China
On Multiple Kernel Learning Methods
WANG Hong-Qiao1;2 SUN Fu-Chun2 CAI Yan-Ning1 CHEN Ning2 DING Lin-Ge2 1.Department of Command Automation;the Second Artillery Engineering Institute;Xi an 710025 2.Department of Computer Science and Technology;State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems;Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology;Tsinghua University;Beijing 100084
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Exponential Stabilization of Second-order Linear Switched Systems
CONG Shen1;2 DIAO Xiang3 ZOU Yun2 1.School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering;Heilongjiang University;Harbin 150080 2.School of Automation;Nanjing University of Science and Technology;Nanjing 210094 3.Nanjing North Information Industrialization Group Corporation;Nanjing 211153
The Research on Eye Tracking for Gaze Tracking System
ZHANG Chuang1;2 CHI Jian-Nan1;2 ZHANG Zhao-Hui1;2 WANG Zhi-Liang1;2 1.School of Information Engineering;University of Science and Technology Beijing;Beijing 100083 2.Key Laboratory for Advanced Control of Iron and Steel Process ;University of Science and Technology Beijing;Beijing100083
A New Relaxation Model for Weighted Graph Matching
ZHENG Kai-Jie1;2 GAO Yu-Tao1 PENG Ji-Gen1 1.Institute for Information and System Science;Xi an Jiaotong University;Xi an 710049 2.School of Mathematics and Computer Science;Fujian Normal University;Fuzhou 350007
Shearlet-based Image Denoising Using Trivariate Prior Model
GUO Qiang 1 YU Song-Nian 1 1.School of Computer Engineering and Science;Shanghai University;Shanghai 200072
Research on Object Tracking Algorithm Based on SIFT
LIN Hai-Feng1 MA Yu-Feng1 SONG Tao1 1.Xi an Communications Institute;Xi an 710106
An Algorithm for Extracting and Enhancing Valley-ridge Features from Point Sets
PANG Xu-Fang 1;2 PANG Ming-Yong 1 XIAO Chun-Xia 3 1.Department of Educational Technology;Nanjing Normal University;Nanjing 210097 2.Laboratory for Culture Integration Engineering;Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Shenzhen 518055 3.Computer School;Wuhan University;Wuhan 430072An Algorithm for Extracting and Enhancing Valley-ridge Features from Point Sets PANG Xu-Fang 1;2 PANG Ming-Yong 1 XIAO Chun-Xia 3
Networked Controller Design Based on QoS
SHAO Qi-Ke1 YU Li1 ZHANG Gui-Jun1 1.College of Information Engineering;Zhejiang University of Technology;Hangzhou 310032
Transductive Learning with Global and Local Constraints for Robust Visual Tracking
ZHA Yu-Fei 1;2 BI Du-Yan 1 YANG Yuan 1 DONG Shou-Ping 2 LUO Ning 2 1.Engineering College;Air Force Engineering University;Xi an 710038 2.Department of Air Navigation and Weapon Control;Air Force Second Flight College;Xi an 710306
Recursive Belief Propagation—Belief Propagation in a Well-order
CHEN Feng 1 LIU Hong 1 XU Wen-Li 1 1.Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology;Department of Automation;Tsinghua University;Beijing 100084
Urban Scene Classification Based on Multi-dimensional Pyramid Representation and AdaBoost Using High Resolution SAR Images
YIN Hui 1 CAO Yong-Feng 1 SUN Hong 1 1.Signal Processing Laboratory;School of Electrical Information;Wuhan University;Wuhan 430079
Supervised Feature Extraction Based on Information Fusion of Local Structure and Diversity Information
GAO Quan-Xue 1 XIE De-Yan 1 XU Hui 1 LI Yuan-Zheng 1 GAO Xi-Quan 1 1.School of Communication Engineerings;Xidian University;Xi an 710071