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Drilling & Production Technology

ISSN 1006-768X 
Organizer: si chuan shi you guan li ju zuan cai gong yi ji shu yan jiu yuan xi nan you qi tian fen gong si cai qi gong cheng yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: zuan cai gong yi bian ji bu  
Description: This magazine is the China National Petroleum Corporation, Sichuan Petroleum Administration Drilling Technology Research Institute and China National Petroleum Corporation Oil and Gas Field Branch of Southwest Research Institute gas project jointly sponsored public offering of domestic and international journals of science and technology. Founded in 1978 since published a total of 121 domestic and foreign petroleum, geology, machinery, and other Yingcai who come together 23 years of glorious history, is reported inside and outside the domestic oil exploration, drilling, cementing technology, oil and gas field development, mining technology, drilling, mining machinery and equipment and technology, oil field and other fields of chemical technology the latest scientific and technological achievements, technology developments, exchange of information science and technology well-known journals.  (Translated by machine.)