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Language and Translation

ISSN 1001-0823 
Organizer: xin jiang yu yan yu fan yi za zhi she  
Publisher: yu yan yu fan yi bian ji bu  
Description: "Language and Translation" was launched in January 1985, the party's four basic principles to promote the Party's ethnic policy and the National Language Policy, and implementing the contending, the flourishing of Publication. The publication Linguistics / Chinese / core periodicals in minority languages in China, "China Journal" into the series full-text journals, "China Academic Journal (CD)" contains full text journals, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, the Chinese Humanities source journal Science Citation Database, Articles - Full Digital Periodicals indexed journals. "Language and Translation," published in the major linguistic theories of Marxism, the party's language policies and implementation; to write different academic perspectives on Turkic language, spoken and written language of ancient and modern, standardized terminology, orthography of , Dialect; Translation Theory and Practice; Chinese and bilingual education; Language and Folklore Research; book reviews, etc. articles. (Translated by machine.)