Applied Laser 2002 Issue 3 The Effects Study of Gastrohelcosis Treated by Nd:YAG Laser
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Applied Laser
2002 Issue 3
The Effects Study of Gastrohelcosis Treated by Nd:YAG Laser
zhou qiang ; ding ai guo ; he zhi qiang ; chen yong xiong
Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser Irradiation in Tattoo Removal
cao wen xin ; ding ling ling ; yu le hua
Analysis of Therapeutic Effect on Q-Switched Laser with Varied Length in Treatment of 70 Case Complicated Eyebrow Tattoos
jie chun tao ; ren hong ; mou zuo dong ; shao yong shan
Side Effects of 585nm Pulsed Dye Laser in Treatment of the Vascular Abnormalities
lv rong ; pan fu qiong ; chang you jun ; lai long qing
The clinical research of CO2 Laser with silver Halide Opitical fibers
cai hui min ; weng ling da ; zhuang yue xiang ; gao jian ping ; bian zuo ya
Selective Laser Photocoagulation for the Treatment of Peripheral Retinal Breaks
yu zuo zuo ; he nai zhen
Nd:YAG Laser Photocoagulation Treatment of Lacrimal Duct Occlusion
yin wei min ; zhou shao rong,354
Intracoronal Laser Teeth Bleaching for Nonvital Teeth
sun she li ; xue peng ; liu ning zuo
Clinical Analysis of Laser Tooth Bleaching for Vital Color-stained teeth
xue peng ; sun she li ; liu ning zuo,358
The effectiveness of Treatment of Xanthelasma Palpebrarum with Ultrapulsed CO2 laser
shi hong min ; zhang mei zuo ; zhu zuo ; zhang hui guo ; bao xiao qing ; zhou lin ; nie fan,348
The Study on the Expression of Fas Protein of CD4 + T Cell in the cases of psoriasis by low level He-Ne laser irradiation
nie fan ; zhang hui guo ; yuan xia zuo ; zhu zuo ; shi hong min ; zhang mei zuo ; bao xiao qing ; zhou lin ; qin mei xiang
Lmage Processing on High-speed Photography of CO2 Laser Welding Plasma
liu jin he ; zhu shi gang
Investigations of WF218 Alloy Powder Fabricated by Laser Cladding
tao xi zuo ; pan lin ; xia chun huai ; cao qing ; wu zi jian ; chen pei feng ; wan zi xiong
The Calculations of Temperature Field in the Thin Plate in the Laser Heat Treatment Using the Finite Element and Semi-Analytical Methods
fu yun chang ; fan ze bin ; ling dong xiong ; li jun chang ;bruno martin
Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance of a Laser Clad Ti5Si3/NiTi Intermetallic Composite Coating
liu yuan fu ; zhao hai yun ; zhang ling yun ; wang hua ming,274
Microstructure of laser clad MoSi2 metal silicide composite coating
lv xu dong ; wang hua ming
Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Laser Clad Ni31Si12/FeNi Silicides Composite Coating
wang chun min ; cai liang xu ; wang hua ming,282
The high temperature microstructure and property of WC ceramic layer produced by powder feeding laser cladding
liu xi ming ; lian jian she ; cui xiao peng ; gao ya li ; wang yao min
The Effect of Cytoplasmic Free Calcium Concentration and Plasma Membrance Ca2+- Mg2+ -ATPase Activity by Low Power Density Laser Irradiation on Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes
diao zhen zuo ; luo rong hui ; shen su miao ; qiao peng ; chen xiang cai ; liu wan hua,368
Study on Irradiation Damage of He-Ne laser and the Defend Measure
jin qing li ; ke jian hong ; xue man zhi
The Contrast of Biological Effect Caused by Different Frequency Lasers
li yun tao ; hou xiao qiang ; zhang ping ; xu zuo,370
A Novel Acoustooptic Q-switch Used in Laser Markig System
he xiao liang ; liu guo feng ; wang xiao xin
Laser texturing of spherical cap slight protuberance profile on roll surface
he yun feng ; du dong ; sui bo ; xiong li juan ; zhang zuo
Development of YAG Laser Texturing Technology
yang ming jiang ; peng lin hua ; li zheng yang,316
In-situ Reinforcing Effect of Ti on Aluminum Matrix Composite during Laser Beam Welding
chen yan bin ; zhang de ku ; niu ji tai ; ji guo juan,338
The self-adapt research on laser cutting
chen ji min ; xiao rong shi ; zuo tie zuo
Study on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Laser Welded Joint of New Generation Steel
peng yun ; wang cheng ; zhao lin ; chen wu zhu ; you zhi ling
Underwater Nd:YAG Laser Beam Welding with local dry cavity
zhang xu dong ; chen wu zhu ; lu tian rong ci ; song tian fu jiu
The Research on Two Kinds of Cracking Behavior and Mechanism of Cladding in Rapid Laser Forming Process
chen jing ; yang hai ou ; li yan min ; huang wei dong
Study on Laser Quenching of 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Counter Gear
liu fu rong ; gao qian ; wang guang sheng ; gao deng pan ; sun bao guo ; wang yu chen
Laser Hardening Techniques Design And Apply For Stainless Steel Blade
yao jian hua ; xiong ying ; chen zhi jun ; sun dong yue
Thinning Effect of Coaxial Powder Feeding on Laser Cladding Microstructures
shen de jiu ; liao bo ; wang yu lin
Microstructure and structure study on Laser Cladding Amorphous Composition of Zr- Al- Ni- Cu system
li gang ; wang yan fang ; wang cun shan ; xia yuan liang ; dong chuang,308
Research on Laser Cladding Superalloy K403
li xiao li ; liu wen jin ; zhong min lin