Applied Geophysics 2014 Issue 4 Viscoelastic characteristics of low-frequency seismic wave attenuation in porous media
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Applied Geophysics
2014 Issue 4
Viscoelastic characteristics of low-frequency seismic wave attenuation in porous media
Ling Yun;Han Li-Guo;Zhang Yi-Ming;College of Geo-Exploration Science and Technology;Jilin University;CNOOC Research Institute;
Research and experimental testing of a new kind electrokinetic logging tool
Li Feng-Bo;Ju Xiao-Dong;Qiao Wen-Xiao;Lu Jun-Qiang;Men Bai-Rong;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting;China University of Petroleum;Key Laboratory of Earth Prospecting and Information Technology;
Pore structure effect on reservoir electrical properties and well logging evaluation
Bian Huan-Lin;Guan Ju;Mao Zhi-Qiang;Ju Xiao-Dong;Han Gui-Qing;College of Geophysics and Information Engineering;China University of Petroleum;Key Laboratory of Earth Prospect and Information Technology;China University of Petroleum;Geoscience Center of CNPC Great Wall Drilling Company;
Fluid identification based on frequency-dependent AVO attribute inversion in multi-scale fracture media
Liu Cai;Li Bo-Nan;Zhao Xu;Liu Yang;Lu Qi;College of Geo-exploration Science and Technology;Jilin University;
AVO forwarding modeling in two-phase media: multiconstrained matrix mineral modulus inversion
Lin Kai;He Zhen-Hua;Xiong Xiao-Jun;He Xi-Lei;Cao Jun-Xing;Xue Ya-Juan;Key Lab of Earth Exploration & Information Techniques of Ministry of Education;Chengdu University of Technology;College of Communication Engineering;Chengdu University of Information Technology;
Modeling of multi-depth slanted airgun source for deghosting
Shen Hong-Lei;Elboth Thomas;Tian Gang;Lin Zhi;Department of Earth Sciences;Zhejiang University;CGG;0216;Oslo;Norway;Department of Mathmatics;Zhejiang University;
Multicomponent seismic forward modeling of gas hydrates beneath the seafloor
Yang Jia-Jia;He Bing-Shou;Zhang Jian-Zhong;Key Lab of Submarine Geosciences and Prospecting Techniques;Ministry of Education;Ocean University of China;
Discriminating between explosions and earthquakes
Cho;Kwang-Hyun;Petroleum Technology Institute;Korea National Oil Corporation;
True-amplitude wavefield separation using staggered-grid interpolation in the wavenumber domain
Du Qi-Zhen;Zhang Ming-Qiang;Chen Xiao-Ran;Gong Xu-Fei;Guo Cheng-Feng;School of Geosciences;China University of Petroleum;
Application of sparse time-frequency decomposition to seismic data
Wang Xiong-Wen;Wang Hua-Zhong;School of Ocean and Earth Sciences;Tongji University;
Nonstationary sparsity-constrained seismic deconvolution
Sun Xue-Kai;Sam Zandong Sun;Xie Hui-Wen;Lab for integration of Geology and Geophysics;China University of Petroleum;State Key Lab for Petroleum Resources and Prospecting;Tarim Oilfield Company;
Amplitude spectrum compensation and phase spectrum correction of seismic data based on the generalized S transform
Zhou Huai-Lai;Wang Jun;Wang Ming-Chun;Shen Ming-Cheng;Zhang Xin-Kun;Liang Ping;State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation;CDUT;Key Lab of Earth Exploration & Information Techniques of Ministry of Education;CDUT;College of Geophysics;Chengdu University of Technology;Institute of Sedimentary Geology;Chengdu University of Technology;Exploration and Development Institute of Bohai Oil Field of CNOOC Co.;Ltd Tianjin Branch;College of Energy Resource;Chengdu University of Technology;
Effect of inaccurate wavelet phase on prestack waveform inversion
Luo Chun-Mei;Wang Shang-Xu;Yuan San-Yi;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting;China University of Petroleum;CNPC Key Laboratory of Geophysical Exploration;China University of Petroleum;
Hyperspectral image classification based on spatial and spectral features and sparse representation
Yang Jing-Hui;Wang Li-Guo;Qian Jin-Xi;Harbin Engineering University;College of Information and Communication Engineering;China Academy of Space Technology;Institute of Telecommunication Satellites;Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications;School of Electronic Engineering;
2.5D induced polarization forward modeling using the adaptive finite-element method
Ye Yi-Xin;Li Yu-Guo;Deng Ju-Zhi;Li Ze-Lin;Key Lab of Submarine Geosciences and Prospecting Techniques of Ministry of Education;Ocean University of China;Fundamental Science on Radioactive Geology and Exploration Technology Laboratory;East China Institute of Technology;Hubei Subsurface Multi-scale Imaging Lab;China University of Geosciences;
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