Applied Geophysics 2013 Issue 4 3D electrical resistivity inversion using prior spatial shape constraints
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Applied Geophysics
2013 Issue 4
3D electrical resistivity inversion using prior spatial shape constraints
Li Shu-Cai;Nie Li-Chao;Liu Bin;Song Jie;Liu Zheng-Yu;Su Mao-Xin;Xu Le;Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Research Center;Shandong University;
Research on 3D marine electromagnetic interferometry with synthetic sources for suppressing the airwave interference
Zhang Jian-Guo;Wu Xin;Qi You-Zheng;Huang Ling;Fang Guang-You;Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation and Sensing Technology;Chinese Academy of Sciences;University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Stability of finite difference numerical simulations of acoustic logging-while-drilling with different perfectly matched layer schemes
Wang Hua;Tao Guo;Shang Xue-Feng;Fang Xin-Ding;Daniel R Burns;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resource and Prospecting;China University of Petroleum;Earth Resource Laboratory;Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
Analysis of radial basis function interpolation approach
Zou You-Long;Hu Fa-Long;Zhou Can-Can;Li Chao-Liu;Dunn Keh-Jim;Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development;China University of Petroleum;
Porous-grain–upper-boundary model and its application to Tarim Basin carbonates
Guo Yu-Qian;Ma Hong-Da;Shi Kai-Bo;Cao Hong;Huang Lu-Zhong;Yao Feng-Chang;Hu Tian-Yue;School of Earth and Space Sciences;Peking University;Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development;PetroChina;WesternGeco;Schlumberger;
Prestack nonstationary deconvolution based on variable-step sampling in the radial trace domain
Li Fang;Wang Shou-Dong;Chen Xiao-Hong;Liu Guo-Chang;Zheng Qiang;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resource and Prospecting;China University of Petroleum;CNPC Key Laboratory of Geophysical Exploration;China University of Petroleum;National Engineering Laboratory of Offshore Oil Exploration;China University of Petroleum;CNOOC Research Institute;
Multiple attenuation using λ–f domain high-resolution Radon transform
Li Zhi-Na;Li Zhen-Chun;Wang Peng;Xu Qiang;School of Geosciences;China University of Petroleum;School of Petroleum Engineering;China University of Petroleum;China Oilfield Services Limited;
Cauchy prior distribution-based AVO elastic parameter estimation via weakly nonlinear waveform inversion
Ma Ji-Qiang1and;Geng Jian-Hua;Key State Laboratory of Marine Geology;Tongji University;
Bayesian prestack seismic inversion with a self-adaptive Huber-Markov random-field edge protection scheme
Tian Yu-Kun;Zhou Hui;Chen Han-Ming;Zou Ya-Ming;Guan Shou-Jun;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resource and Prospecting;CNPC Key Lab of Geophysical Exploration;China University of Petroleum;
The simulation of far-field wavelets using frequency- domain air-gun array near-field wavelets
Song Jian-Guo;Deng Yong;Tong Xin-Xin;School of Geoscience;China University of Petroleum;Changqing Oil Company;ChinaPetro;
An adaptive over/under data combination method
He Jian-Wei;Lu Wen-Kai;Li Zhong-Xiao;CNOOC China Ltd.;State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems;Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology;Department of Automation;Tsinghua University;
The analysis and application of simplified two-parameter moveout equation for C-waves in VTI anisotropy media
Li Xiao-Ming;Chen Shuang-Quan;Li Xiang-Yang;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting;China University of Petroleum;CNPC Key Laboratory of Geophysical Prospecting;China University of Petroleum;Edinburgh Anisotropy Project;British Geophysical Survey;
A study on the temporal and spatial characteristics of droughts following earthquakes
Zhang Kai;Tang Mao-Cang;Gao Xiao-Qing;Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute;CAS;Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Exploration of regional surface average heat flow from meteorological and geothermal series
Liu Qian-Qian;Wei Dong-Ping;Sun Zhen-Tian;Zhang Xiao-Hui;Key Laboratory of Computational Geodynamics;Chinese Academy of Sciences;College of Earth Science;University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing Geotherm Research Institute;
Experimental measurements of water content in crude oil emulsions by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
Jin Wu-Jun;Zhao Kun;Yang Chen;Xu Chang-Hong;Ni Hao;Chen Shao-Hua;State Key Lab of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting;Laboratory of Optical Sensing and Detecting Technology;China University of Petroleum;Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Terahertz Spectroscopy and Photoelectric Detection;CPCIF;
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