Applied Geophysics 2007 Issue 4 Abstract(in Chinese)
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Applied Geophysics
2007 Issue 4
Abstract(in Chinese)
Remote wireless transmission and error recovery of log data
Zhao Yipeng;Li Ning;Wang Caizhi
High resolution GPR and its experimental study
Huang Ling;Zeng Zhaofa;Wang Munan;Wang Zhenjiang
An intersection method for locating earthquakes in complex velocity models
Zhao Aihua;Ding Zhifeng
Plane wave shot PSDM and controlled illumination techniques
Cui Xingfu;Li Hongbing;Hu Ying;Liu Guibao;Chen Shukai
Wigner-Ville distribution and its application in seismic attenuation estimation
Li Yandong;Zheng Xiaodong
Study of petrophysical parameter sensitivity from well log data
Qiao Yuedong;An Hongwei
SVM method for predicting the thickness of sandstone
Yue Youxi;Wang Jun
The ridgelet transform with non-linear threshold for seismic noise attenuation in marine carbonates
Zhang Henglei;Song Shuang;Liu Tianyou
An inverse Q-filter algorithm based on stable wavefield continuation
Zhang Xianwen;Han Liguo;Zhang Fengjiao;Shan Gangyi