Applied Geophysics 2004 Issue 1 The Launch of Applied Geophysics Journal of the Chinese Geophysical Society
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Applied Geophysics
2004 Issue 1
Progress and Challenges for Petroleum Geophysical Techniques in China
Yan Shixin;ZENG Zhong
Seismic Acquisition on the Buried-Hill Faulted Zone of the Jiyang Sag
Tan Shaoquan;Di Zhixin;Xu Jinxi
Mesozoic Reservoir Prediction in the Longdong Loess Plateau
Wang Daxing;Gao Jinghuai;LI Youming;Xia Zhengyuan;Wang Baojiang
Offshore Multi-Wave Seismic Exploration in Bohai
Liu Chuncheng;Xia Qinglong
Study and Practice of Wide-Angle Seismic Data Processing
Zhang Wenpo;Guo Ping;Hu Tianyue
Seismic Signatures of Rock Pore Structure
YueFeng Sun
Modeling of Rocks with Spatial Distributed Fractures by Random Medium Theory
Zeng Xinwu;Zhang Guangying;Wang XiuMing
Prediction of Fracture-Cavity System in Carbonate Reservoir:A Case Study in the Tahe Oilfield
Wang Shixing;Guan Luping;ZHU Hailong
Modeling with optimization in wave impedance inversion
Xia Hongrui
Calibration on well logging and seismic information
Lin Yun
Some key to improve impedance inversion reliability
Gan Lideng