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China Medical Herald

ISSN 1673-7210 
Organizer: zhong guo yi xue ke xue yuan  
Publisher: zhong guo yi yao dao bao bian ji bu  
Description: "China Medicine" magazine is the head of the Ministry of Health, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences hosted a national comprehensive medical and health journals. Department of the Chinese core journals (selection) database, the Chinese Journal Full-text Indexed journals, Ministry of Health and State Food and Drug Administration approved prescription drug to allow release of medical and pharmaceutical publications, monthly, and in the latter part of the publication of a domestic outside the public offering, the domestic ISSN: CN11-5539 / R, International Issues ISSN1673-7210, Youfadaihao :80-372, priced 15 yuan each. "China Medicine" to interpret medical policies and regulations, development trends of medicine, communication management philosophy, demonstrate medical research, clinical medicine progress reports, industry research published merit-based, medical supervision, hospital pharmaceutical management and operation, work difficulty of, medical research, medical advances, clinical medicine, health care experiences, case analysis, clinical testing, drug and clinical, Chinese and Western medicine, medical education, the main journal for the content of the paper. "China Medicine" article published by the theory with practice, reading a lively, short easy to understand, after reading the reader can be inspired and learn from. The vast number of medical institutions, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, research institutions, colleges, government medical management departments, industry associations and related organizations, units of the management, operation, research, teaching, health care, pharmaceutical, procurement, supervision and personnel broaden their horizons, to understand the market, learning experience, explore issues, exchange and improve business and academic level of the personal staff assistant, medical workers, the vast number of papers published in medical positions. Medical workers are welcome to subscribe to magazines, actively contribute. (Translated by machine.)