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Yantai Fruits

ISSN 1005-9938 
Organizer: yan tai shi nong ke yuan guo shu ke xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: yan tai guo shu bian ji bu  
Description: "Yantai Fruit" practical, informative, user-friendly, beautifully printed. Domestic public offering, quarterly, every quarter, the first month of release, 16 open 56 pages, paperback, along with four color page color insert. Pricing 4 yuan, 16 per year (including postage), registered mail, the annual 24 yuan. Post offices across the country (which) may subscribe to, Youfadaihao :24-107. May at any time transfer to the editorial department directly subscribe, contact: Liang Zhiqing. Electronic exchange, please be sure to specify the full address, otherwise can not be mailed. "Yantai Fruit" has a large (annual circulation 160,000), covering a wide range of readers throughout the country, is the ideal media for exchange of information on fruit trees. Welcome all the seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, farm machinery and other production, distribution and advertising departments. Is also required to provide proof of instruments. Seedlings Advertising: ① business license, homegrown in the industries to provide the people's governments above the township published release issued by the certificate granted; ② forestry department issued a "tree, seed production license"; ③ origin issued by plant quarantine authorities "quarantine certificate." Pesticide Advertising: ① pesticide advertising review and approval document number; ② business license or "three card" procedure (pesticide registration, production permit, the enterprise standard certificate). Fertilizer, farm machinery advertising: ① a copy of business license; ② Quality Certificate; ③ production license. Also requires advertisements to be true, advertisers want to ad content and undertake to assume legal responsibility. (Translated by machine.)