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Journal of Yantai University(Natural Science and Engineering Edition)

ISSN 1004-8820 
Organizer: yan tai da xue  
Publisher: yan tai da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is organized by the University of Yantai, domestic and international public offering comprehensive academic journal, founded in 1988. Professor Zhang Ruifeng, vice president of Yantai University, the editor in chief. Our journal was "Chinese Mathematical Digest", "China Optics and Applied Optics Digest", "China Chemical Abstracts Inorganic Analysis" and other national importance tired of Zhuanzhai Digest Publications, and has become the United States, "Chemical Abstracts", "Mathematical Reviews" and Russia's "Digest Magazine", Germany "Math Digest" the authority of the four indexes and retrieve bodies. I Journal of the Ministry of Education in 1999 issued by the National College of Natural Science of excellence and outstanding scientific and technological journals Ministry of Education, third place; East China in 2002 as an excellent journal. (Translated by machine.)