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Printing Quality & Standardization

ISSN 1008-5602 
Organizer: quan guo yin shua biao zhun hua ji shu wei yuan hui xin wen chu ban zong shu yin shua chan pin zhi liang jian du jian ce zhong xin zhong guo yin shua ke xue ji shu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: yin shua zhi liang yu biao zhun hua bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is standard information Daquan, quality improvement guidelines for the purpose of the magazine, the authoritative, universal, comprehensive, practical, advance to the characteristics of the industry's focus on common themes and reports - quality, promotional printing technology at home and abroad , quality standards and policies, the national tracking system standard revision process, experts interpret the quality of the feedback from the field, spread the latest technology, to promote the concept of modern printing, publishing test found the information and announcements, and fully embodies the "print quality standardized "the authority of the characteristics of the printing industry is a national printing, packaging, product quality and test results released by the specified media. (Translated by machine.)