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Nonferrous Metals Design

ISSN 1004-2660 
Organizer: kun ming you se ye jin she ji yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: you se jin shu she ji bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the development of the national second-line journal, Yunnan Province, outstanding technical journals. By the Kunming Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy Design hosted editing and publishing, founded in 1974 (quarterly). 7 has been the domestic sources of national scientific papers statistics and databases, and "China Journal", "China Academic Journal (CD)" full-text included. Excellent engineering design summary of the main post, new achievements in science and technology, computer software results, domestic and international inspection reports, design and management papers, thematic discussion, construction contracting, project management, property management and publishing of the National Institute for Nonferrous Metal Industry, "chief designer album . " (Translated by machine.)