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ISSN 1671-2269 
Organizer: zhong guo lao nian bao jian xie hui  
Publisher: yang sheng da shi jie b kan bian ji bu  
Description: "Health World" magazine is the director of Aged Care Association-sponsored comprehensive health science journals, magazines, a blend of national health experts in related fields, academics, science means to promote health knowledge to introduce health and fitness experience culture, magazine collection scientific, practical, informative, interesting in one, relying on powerful advisers, experts forces, both in theory and practice of providing health care for the guidance of older readers. "Health World" of the main sections are: health broadband network (experts Luntan, birthday style, celebrity and health, etc.), mental health (spiritual compass, Yang Yi tactics, insights on life, etc.), diet regimen (nutritionists, Assorted packages, medicated rooms), medical health (doctors Luntan, thousands of magic formula, etc.), sports health and so on. (Translated by machine.)