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Environmental Protection of Oil & Gas Fields

ISSN 1005-3158 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you tian ran qi ji tuan gong si zhi liang an quan yu huan bao bu zhong guo shi you tian ran qi gu fen gong si zhi liang an quan yu huan bao bu shi you gui hua she ji zong yuan  
Publisher: you qi tian huan jing bao hu bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is a public offering of domestic and foreign scientific technical publications. To actively promote and implement the principles of environmental protection laws and related policies to promote technological progress of the oil and gas fields of environmental protection and improve the planning, design, research and production capability, and strive to achieve social and economic benefits, environmental benefits of unity. Key reports oil and gas pollution, control technologies, management methods, experimental research, monitoring tools, and other aspects of the new results, new technology, advanced experience, and existing standards and developments at home and abroad, is the only oil companies a technical journal Environmental Science , is the China Petroleum and internal and external publicity, an important window for technical exchanges, and China Petroleum, China Petrochemical, China National Offshore Oil workers, the majority of environmental learning from each other, the bridge and link exchange information. (Translated by machine.)