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Petroleum Geology and Recovery Efficiency

ISSN 1009-9603 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you hua gong gu fen you xian gong si sheng li you tian fen gong si  
Publisher: you qi di zhi yu cai shou lv bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is approved by the General Administration of the Ministry of Science and by the head of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Shengli Oilfield Company Limited, Institute of Geological Sciences contractors, domestic and overseas public offering of national petroleum technology journals. Journal as the original "oil recovery technology" (open) and the original "double oil and gas fields" (in Journal) of the combined issue, bimonthly, big 16 format, 80 pages of text, every 25 bimonthly publication. "Oil and Gas Recovery Technology" was launched in 1994, the quarterly newsletter, is the Shengli Oilfield, the only main national public offering of oilfield development and application of technology periodicals. Journal in order to enhance oil recovery technology theme, the report related to the academic theory, laboratory study, practical field application of technical papers, to promote the oil field development and technical exchanges, and promote the development of oil and gas recovery technology and oil production make a positive contribution to improving (Translated by machine.)