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The Beverage Industry

ISSN 1007-7871 
Organizer: zhong guo yin liao gong ye xie hui  
Publisher: yin liao gong ye bian ji bu  
Description: "Beverage Industry" magazine was first published in 1986, under the China Beverage Industry Association, is the journal of the Association is the only public offering of the domestic beverage industry professional journals. More than ten years, "the beverage industry," the domestic and international beverage producers, operators and consumers, the beverage industry has always been committed to new developments, new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials, new product coverage and promotion, and actively participation in domestic and international beverage industry technology, information exchange, hard, hard work, the development of the beverage industry and dedicated service. At the same time, "Beverage Industry" also experienced continuous improvement and development of the normalization process, the Journal was significantly improved, the impact of the domestic beverage industry growing, range of distribution has expanded rapidly increasing number of readers. March 1999, "Beverage Industry" magazine successfully held the "first" beverage industry "International Beverage Science and Technology report," from the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and other countries and various regions of the domestic beverage industry experts close to a hundred , academics and engineers gathered to all aspects of domestic and international beverage industry and technological progress and prospects are summarized, and a high level of papers published in domestic and international beverage industry had a tremendous impact; 9, 2001 month, "Beverage Industry" magazine and as one organizer, hosted by the China Beverage Industry Association's "2001 Beijing International Science and Technology report drink", and published a paper that contains 66 essays by a high level this. These activities as "the beverage industry," the further development and laid a good foundation. "Beverage Industry" is a bimonthly, big 16 format, 48 pages text, color coated cover. Informative, practical, high academic standards. Major domestic and international beverage industry reported new developments, new technologies, new materials, new products, new equipment and related knowledge. It is the beverage business decision-makers and engineering and technical personnel must-read publication, the results show the engineering and technical personnel, exchange of experience ideal garden, beverage development, production, sale and consumption of major propaganda media, is the company's staff, industry people's friend. (Translated by machine.)