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Ophthalmology in China

ISSN 1004-4469 
Organizer: zhong ri you hao yi yuan bei jing tong ren yi yuan bei jing shi yan ke yan jiu suo  
Publisher: yan ke bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1992, the original is a quarterly to bimonthly since 1999. 16, 2001 revision for large open version. It is a comprehensive ophthalmology journals, a total of clinical, laboratory research, basic research, review, prevention of blindness, academic trends, experiences, special conversation by writing, treatment of new technologies, case reports and other columns. Since 2001, providing additional expert review, contending garden, eye disease treatment technology innovation and experience in ophthalmology and eye re-education section describes the recent promotion to meet intermediate technical titles, published in Ophthalmology and Reference Answers aims to help candidates review. (Translated by machine.)