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Chinese Journal of Liquid Crystals and Displays

ISSN 1007-2780 
Organizer: zhong ke yuan chang chun guang xue jing mi ji xie yu wu li yan jiu suo zhong guo guang xue guang dian zi xing ye xie hui ye jing fen hui zhong guo wu li xue hui ye jing fen hui  
Publisher: ye jing yu xian shi bian ji bu  
Description: "LCD and Display" is the founder of China's first professional journal of LCD subjects, is the only liquid crystal display technology disciplines and professional journals in general; it is in Chinese core journals, the British "Science Abstracts" (SA), the United States " Chemical Abstracts "(CA), Russia's" Digest Magazine "(PЖ), United States," Cambridge Scientific Abstracts "(CSA), China Source Journals and other scientific papers, more than 20 kinds of famous literature database to retrieve the source publications and journals; it is LCD Section of Physics journal, China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LCD Branch journal, is a professional academic journal Journal is one of the largest circulation. This publication of the report, Research Letters, comprehensive review and product information section focus on domestic and international coverage area of liquid crystal display technology disciplines and the latest theoretical research, scientific research and innovative technology, reflect the domestic and international disciplines and industry information on the dynamics, is publicity, display of the subject areas and industrial strength and fruits of technological innovation, international exchange window. Articles about collecting all kinds of LCD and display materials and preparation methods, physical and production of various types of display technologies, new kinds of display modes and drive technology, display technology, display materials and devices, test methods and techniques, various types of display the application of the device research papers. Articles published in major national projects and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, "973", "863", and other projects and the provincial and ministerial fund projects more than 90% of articles, and many results have been identified through national and provincial level, larger social and economic benefits for the rapid development of display technology has made a significant contribution. (Translated by machine.)