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Journal of Salt Lake Research

ISSN 1008-858X 
Organizer: zhong guo ke xue yuan qing hai yan hu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: yan hu yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is approved by the State Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Qinghai Salt Lake organizers, Science Publishing House of the scholarly journal of natural science. Publishes content: salt lake, underground brine, oil, water and other resources, geochemistry, hydrogeology, Chi elements in inorganic salt chemistry, physics, chemistry, solution chemistry and the brine of the study subjects such as chemistry and papers. Salt Lake, underground brine, oil, water and other resources to the development and use separation and extraction technology, mining mineral processing technology, new products, inorganic chemicals, new technologies, new methods, new technology research and application of technological achievements and innovations and the stage of application report. To salt lake brine resources of solid minerals and mineral-based materials and computer technology in the Salt Lake brine and other research and production applications. For a comprehensive review of the above, monographs, research reports, newsletters, on the market. (Translated by machine.)