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Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Culture

ISSN 1673-6281 
Organizer: shang hai zhong yi yao da xue  
Publisher: zhong yi yao wen hua bian ji bu  
Description: "Traditional Chinese Medical Culture," the original "Ancient Medical Knowledge" changing the name from, published since 2006, this issue of the journal are: heritage and cultural essence of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine practitioners to enhance academic quality, popularity and cultural knowledge of Chinese medicine . History and philosophy of China-based, Chinese classics, Chinese masters, Chinese cultural relics, historical sites as the main content of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical experience to explore, exchange of academic thought famous traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medical ethics promote ethics, dissemination of medical knowledge. Enhance appreciation of Chinese culture and their own level of cultural awareness, as widely appealing, elegant style, the only one of the core journals in the medical culture. (Translated by machine.)