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Piezoelectrics & Acoustooptics

ISSN 1004-2474 
Organizer: si chuan ya dian yu sheng guang ji shu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: ya dian yu sheng guang bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the Ministry of Information Industry and sponsored by the Institute first public offering of 26 professional scientific journals. National Chinese core journals, Chinese Science Citation Database statistical sources, the U.S. Ei Indexed sources. Mainly reported SAW technology, sound and light and optical fiber technology, piezoelectric and other functional devices, single crystal, thin film, and other functional materials, experimental techniques and test methods, and the piezoelectric and acousto-optic technology and other fields of scientific research, inventions , Technology Review, abroad in piezoelectric, ferroelectric, sound power, sound and light, electro-optic and other aspects of various functional devices and ceramic, single crystal, thin film materials and other new technologies, new products, new trends and so on. (Translated by machine.)