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Chinese Heart Journal

ISSN 1009-7236 
Organizer: di si jun yi da xue zhong guo lao nian bao jian yi xue yan jiu hui xin zang xue hui zhong guo yi yao xin xi xue hui xin gong neng xue hui  
Publisher: xin zang za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Heart magazine" founded in February 1989, approved in 1992, officially released by the National Science and Technology Commission, Youfadaihao 52-131. 1998 scientific papers included in the national Science and Technology Commission of China Source Journals. 1999 years ago as the "heart Magazine" since 2000 approved by the State Press and Publication Administration and the General Political Department officially changed its name to "Heart Magazine", the international standard (A4) Big 16 format, hardcover art paper color printing. "Journal of Heart" is the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Science and Technology of China Paper Source Journals core journal Journal of Chinese science and technology periodical database source "China's core journals (selection) database" contains journals, is a ISSN / CN Standard Serial Number of academic journals. Publication by the director of the Fourth Military Medical University, Fourth Military Medical University, China Research Society of Geriatric Care Heart Association, the Chinese Society of Medical Information Association, heart function. By the renowned cardiovascular experts as consultants and editorial board member. "Heart Magazine" main report: ① the cardiovascular system anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, pathophysiology, pathological anatomy, pharmacology and molecular biology basic research; ② inside and outside, children, the elderly and maternity and other subjects with heart Disease-related clinical research; ③ Detection cardiovascular basic research and clinical practice and are concerned about electricity, heart function of information processing technology, the development of new instruments; ④ Integrative Medicine prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Articles with sections: research on the, Research Letters, basic research, clinical research, literature review, research presentations, unusual or rare case reports, expert forums, graduate of the window and seminars. Readers are mainly engaged in basic and clinical researchers, doctors and related engineering and technical personnel; is also suitable for medical colleges and high school students to read. (Translated by machine.)