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Journal of Xuzhou Institute of Architectural Technology

ISSN 1009-8992 
Organizer: xu zhou jian zhu zhi ye ji shu xue yuan  
Publisher: xu zhou jian zhu zhi ye ji shu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Xuzhou Institute of Architectural Technology" is the director of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Xuzhou Institute of Architectural Technology sponsored a comprehensive academic journal, founded in 2001, domestic public offering. To engineering-based, engineering, management, literature, law and other types of blending complementary disciplines. College offers civil engineering, architecture and art, energy and environmental engineering, electrical engineering, computer technology, engineering, economic management, humanities and social sciences, foreign languages, basic and other Department of the Ministry. The main part of the set are: "Science and technology research and application", "economic management", "Humanities and Social Sciences", "Higher Education" and so on. The "scientific and technological research and application", "Higher Education" column focused on "scientific and technological research and application of" mainly published in construction, electrical and mechanical, chemical, computer classes and application of scientific research papers; "Higher Education" publishes vocational education, curriculum system, teaching and other research articles. Papers in the two columns accounted for more than 70% of total papers, highlighting the nature of the college, type, and professional characteristics. Since the founding of the College leadership attaches great importance to and vigorously support, adhere to the correct direction of running, and strive for the development of higher education teaching and research services, and actively display and dissemination of scientific research, reform the latest results, new technology, new technology application and construction of Vocational Education to promote and facilitate the role played by a lot of attention and praise. Running closely in the process of focusing on improving the quality of this theme, seek truth from facts, insist on quality first, open journals, to create features, a boutique. Through constant exploration and practice, and gradually out of a study to be published application of architectural technology-focused papers to publish high-quality vocational education and teaching research papers to highlight, edit, rigorous, standardized layout feature columns. Of being "China Journal", "China Academic Journal (CD)", "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database", "Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database", "Articles of digital journal resource system" and other full-text indexed by assessment as the first "CAJ-CD specification," the implementation of an excellent journal. 2002, University of received second prize in the National Vocational excellent; 2004 by the National University of Science and Technology Journals excellent second prize, first prize in the country of vocational excellence; Jiangsu Province in 2004 was named a journal. (Translated by machine.)