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Rare Metals and Cemented Carbides

ISSN 1004-0536 
Organizer: zhong guo you se jin shu xue hui chang sha you se ye jin she ji yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: xi you jin shu yu ying zhi he jin bian ji bu  
Description: "Metals and Cemented Carbides" (quarterly) is domestic public offering of publications, founded in 1973, the Department of Rare Metals and Cemented Carbides domestic set only two categories of technical journals, the International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1004-0536, Issues of national unity CN 43-1109/TF, advertising license number 430100s022. Journal of Hunan Province, a publication now, the Department of "non-ferrous metals Digest", "Chinese Physics Abstracts" and other major abstracting and the United States, "Chemical Abstracts" (CA), "Cambridge Scientific Abstracts" (CSA), Russia's "Digest Magazine" (AJ) and other internationally renowned journal abstracts included in the fixed and the "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database" included, have been included in the "Chinese Academic Journal (CD)" and "Articles Resources System." Publications issued up to nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. "Metals and Cemented Carbides," by the China Nonferrous Metals Nonferrous Metals Society and Design Institute, Changsha, jointly organized mainly reports the metals (tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, rare earth, titanium, lithium, beryllium, rubidium, cesium, zirconium , hafnium, vanadium, gallium, indium, thallium, germanium, selenium, rhenium, etc.) and cemented carbide production, processing, research, design and application of the results; reported domestic carbide metals and new techniques, new technologies, new equipment and new materials, relevant articles and information. "Rare Metals and Cemented Carbide," Journal of the Board was established in 1987, mainly by engaging in metals and carbide production, design, research enterprise groups, research institutes, colleges and universities form, assemble a group of experience in the industry rich, deep accomplished entrepreneurs and scholars. The current members of the Board nearly 40 units, all over the country more than 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. The Board is responsible for purpose of the magazine, the direction, features, quality supervision and guidance, and practical support to the work of the Journal. Editorial director of the unit production and research according to needs, by soliciting contributions, as the Board of Directors reviewed the preparation of units of service, and published in a magazine list of board members and directors of units of the new achievements and new product introduction. Currently, non-ferrous metallurgy by Changsha Research Institute and chief engineer of the design as a magazine editor in chief and chairman of the board, the editorial work by a few senior technical titles (respectively, thin and metallurgy, metallurgy, materials, expertise) and training through specialized editing staff full-time responsibility. Would like to thank all the friends support the work of publication, and sincerely hopes to strengthen with the experts, academics and business people contacts and cooperation! (Translated by machine.)