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ISSN 1672-5689 
Organizer: xin jiang jiao yu chu ban she  
Publisher: xiao xue sheng shi kong bian ji bu  
Description: Inside Innovation comprehensive knowledge of writing to explore the cradle of writers have grown a little book "primary space-time" happy young intimate partner breezy, humorous knowledge, fairy tales, open the students intellectual and broaden the horizons of students. Year primary school students published an excellent composition exercises, so that students experience the success of different personality, fun space-time Cup primary school essay contest for students to enjoy the fun of writing comments excellent teachers guide exam assignments, help students focus on filling into the "space-time students" in Xinjiang Educational Press children, especially the western Xinjiang carefully crafted children to success, experience joy platform. Variety of columns, vivid and humorous language, so that students reading in a relaxed open horizons and improve literacy. Issues of national unity: CN65-1246 / Youfadaihao :58-27 Price: 2.5 yuan / month Address: 187 Shengli Road, Urumqi, China Zip: 830049 E-mail: xxshshk@163.com Tel: (0991) 2884264 (Translated by machine.)