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Information Technology & Standardization

ISSN 1671-539X 
Organizer: zhong guo dian zi ji shu biao zhun hua yan jiu suo  
Publisher: xin xi ji shu yu biao zhun hua bian ji bu  
Description: ● Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals ● "China Journal Net" and "China Academic Journal (CD)" full-text indexed journals ● "China's core journals (selection) database" source journals ● "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database (Full Version) "included the original" Journal of Information Technology and Standardization "magazine founded in 1959 by the Ministry of Information Industry in charge, organized by China Electronics Standardization Institute, China Electronics Standardization Association, the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee Co, is the surface to the industry, market-oriented, information-oriented construction, set the basic, practical, and pilot an integrated technical publications. "Information Technology and Standardization" purpose of the magazine: advocacy countries, the Ministry of Information Industry, the standardization of information technology principles, policies and regulations; tracking field of information technology innovation, development trends and the industrialization process; timely coverage of key professionals in the information industry and standardization of dynamic hot areas, new technology and new product information; reports of software and digital equipment and systems standardization progress; of hot technology standards and the relationship between intellectual property rights; report the information industry at home and abroad and revising technical standards related to dynamic and release published information. Our slogan: Focus on Focus on cutting edge of technology standards developments (Translated by machine.)