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Chinese Journal of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Medicine

ISSN 1008-0074 
Organizer: zhong guo kang fu yi xue hui xin xue guan bing zhuan ye wei yuan hui fu jian yi ke da xue fu shu xie he yi yuan fu jian sheng kang fu yi xue hui  
Publisher: xin xue guan kang fu yi xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation Medicine Society of Cardiology and other units, the Chinese Society of Cardiology Committee of Rehabilitation Medicine contracting services in the country cause of cardiovascular rehabilitation medicine, included in the Articles - Digital Periodicals, "Chinese academic Journals (CD) ", China Journal Net," China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database "source journals, the Chinese Biomedical Literature Database Journal senior academic journals, large 16 mo (ISSN :1008-0074, CN :35-1193 / R) . Bi-monthly, priced 12 yuan. Youfadaihao 34-83, with monographs, treatises, clinical research, functional assessment, traditional medicine and rehabilitation section. (Translated by machine.)