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Cement Guide for New Epoch

ISSN 1008-0473 
Organizer: cheng du jian zhu cai liao gong ye she ji yan jiu yuan you xian gong si xin xing gan fa shui ni sheng chan ji shu yan jiu hui  
Publisher: xin shi ji shui ni dao bao bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine is a national building materials journals. By the new dry cement production technology research and Chengdu Design Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. co-sponsored. The main columns are: New Century Forum, discussion topics, test and research equipment aspect, the local cement, refractory materials, electrical automation, engineering design and construction, mining technology, environmental protection, rule of thumb, and Diversity, business management, inspiration and thinking, global scanning, newsletters and other information. Rich in content, readable. Many domestic cement sector and enterprise technology content of the publication and documentation given to the value of high praise, as the publication of many cement workers have been a mentor for their career development. The new century, new dry kiln is the dominant decomposition technique has been the development of China's cement industry of advanced technology. Specifically reported as dry cement production technology, "Cement Guide for New" face of the new century, the magazine not only to do a better job domestic cement the new technology, new technology, new equipment, new experiences and information reporting, but also equipment manufacturers should set up a bridge leading to the gold market, so advanced equipment in the technological transformation, expansion, home to the new production line. (Translated by machine.)