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Journal of Southwest Petroleum University

ISSN 1674-5086 
Organizer: xi nan shi you da xue  
Publisher: xi nan shi you da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is published in scientific research as the main hospital teachers, also published in part from the scene on the oil and gas exploration, reservoir engineering, drilling technology and equipment, oil and gas well completion and protection, oilfield chemicals, oilfield surface engineering, etc. research, highlights the oil and gas industry in the new theories, new methods, new techniques, new technologies. By the U.S. Chemical Abstracts CA, PA and so included the American Petroleum Abstracts; is the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database and the China Journal Net, China Academic Journal (CD) included journals, scientific papers Source Journals of China, Chinese Science Citation Database source journals. (Translated by machine.)