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Journal of Southwest Forestry College

ISSN 1003-7179 
Organizer: xi nan lin xue yuan  
Publisher: xi nan lin xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication sponsored by the Southwest Forestry College of Forestry is a comprehensive academic journal, publishes the basic theory of forest economics, silviculture and management, forest resources and the environment, forest ecology and nature conservation, soil conservation and desertification control, industrial and decorative wood materials Engineering, Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products, Forestry machinery and civil engineering, landscape plants and landscape architecture, forest economics and management, resource development and utilization and other aspects of academic papers, research reports; published in mathematics, physics, technology and other basic sciences in the professional the application of research reports; published domestic and foreign forestry, forest industries of the major subjects of research progress, scientific research or academic research and other articles. Readers at home and abroad & F workers and higher education institutions and students. (Translated by machine.)